Help people find
each other!

This is the app of the future, based on artificial intelligence. We will ease your use of the app. You don’t have to fill out the long questionnaires and personal data forms any more. Now artificial intelligence will do it! The system itself will analyze your interests and find the best people.

Help people find
Uny is a mega platform based
on artificial intelligence!

How does it work?

1. Set your preferences

Set your preferences

2. Add some details

Add some details

3. Meet up

Meet up
And you can also set up advertising settings easily and quickly!
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We are trying to draw on the entire capabilities of our AI
to make all your clubs, posts, content, products and services promotion most effective!

The Clubs are more than that!

Create, Communicate, Cashing in!

We have added
a full-fledged
to our communities.
Just like in eShop.

You can join any club you like. Only the most relevant and suitable communities of shared interests will be offered to you.


Live broadcasts in clubs have a separate tab. It is not terrible to be late, the recording of the broadcast is stored indefinitely.

You can join any club you like. Only the most relevant and suitable communities of shared interests will be offered to you.


What does the user get?

The unique search AL tools suggest people of shared interests you might like to connect with in the shortest possible time.
  • 75% reduction in the number of unsuitable partners
  • Disclosure of personal interests
  • Increase user engagement by 75%
  • Clear differentiation of partner search goals
  • Reducing the time for chatting by 45%
  • Increasing the partner's interest in personal chatting

Dating App issues.

Imperfect matching algorithms

The algorithms are set up to show you the people whom you will definitely not build any relationships with as apps benefit from having you stay with them as long as possible.

Long search time and poor

Users are not involved in building communication as they use the social platforms for entertainment. And people who are looking for something serious experience a great lack of attention.

No search by interests

People need greatly to look for partners from different spheres of life: career, sports, travel, family. But now there is no social platform that would differentiate these spheres of life.

There is no key for revealing
the identity

Apps do not reveal a person's identity, interests and hobbies as people do not have time and interest to fill in personal data due to the inconvenient interface.