Our mission

According to our projections, with the development of the Uny company, its own cryptocurrency and metaverse, by 2025 Uny will participate and solve many problems: will help poor regions in the fields of medicine, education, socio-economic sphere, ecology and will continue to take part in solving world problems until they disappear!

And such a system is already ready! Imagine a world where artificial intelligence knows all your emotions and understands what you like, and selects the people you need, and the DAO manages the artificial intelligence itself. We know how to create a reliable community consisting of professionals who will always perform their work at the highest level.

We represent a world where cryptocurrency is used to level the rules of the game and put an end to poverty, create comfortable residential areas and neighborhoods, workplaces, build parks and squares and much more for a comfortable life in modern society.

Uny is for the benefit of society

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. The education they receive will lay the foundation for their actions. Education provides upward socio-economic mobility and is the key to getting rid of poverty. However, 617 million young people worldwide lack basic math and literacy skills.